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Login on by clicking "Login" at the top of the site. Then you will be addressed to login or directly to your 'dashboard', the control panel of your account. After that, click on "Profile" and provide information about your business that you'd like to make it available online for customers.

In addition to the services and features, take care to select the "theme": customers are looking for services for the type of experience or vacation. As you can see, if you have to make additions or corrections which you can change quickly and any detail at all times.



You can create and publish an unlimited number of offers by FREE!. On the left side of the screen you will find a guide that explains what information to enter in the fields, as well as compose your tourism product in the best way for its publication on the web. view more.

As you can see, if you have to make any additions or corrections, which you can change quickly and any detail at any time.

* The page input that the system offers you simple and intuitive. With each new season, or whenever the opportunity presents itself (event or events, weekend special, holiday-themed, etc..) You can 'play around' in making your proposals and affect them before putting them in the preview online.

* Here below how you present your offering, first in summary form, then in detail. Through the letters of the fields that you can understand the content end.

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When you have entered your offers correctly then you are ready to publish them. Of course you do not need to ask yourself if you've already been made. Your offer will be cataloged according to keywords and criteria you have chosen at compile time so that the tourist can find in a few clicks.

* The interested tourist can choose to 'follow' the offers which is coming from your business: without receiving informative newsletters or whenever you publish a proposal if the trover automatically in your account. You can keep the attention of the customer.

* trip-bangladesh allows you to collect all the offers that you have published even after their expiry. In this way, you can review the types of proposals, fix them, enhance them, or propose them as such in subsequent periods and occasions.

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