These terms and conditions are subject to the rules for my rental space on our servers connected to the internet assistance of sites created by our company.


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And forbidden to use the services of Studiomodo. to contravene directly or indirectly to the applicable Italian laws of the state or any other state. The customer can not use the services of Studiomodo for the dissemination of erotic material. In the event of contravention of the above prohibitions, the contract will have to be understood dellart.1456 terminated pursuant to the Civil Code. The customer also raises the Studiomodo entirety. for any civil and criminal liability arising dallutilizzo illegal and improper use of the service.


Ideaincube is committed to maintain efficient service. If the service were to be interrupted due to accommodation dellHardware or the Software, or to improve the system, as well as to chance events and exceptional Studiomodo. I will try to to minimize outages and malfunctions (in any case within a maximum of 12 hours).

Limitation of Liability

In no event Studiomodo. potr be held responsible for the failure of the service due to problems not directly attributable, due to telephone lines, electricity and Internet network for failures, overloads, outages etc? potr No compensation required to be Ideaincube.


In all cases of breach of the obligations referred to in artt.2-3-6 of this contract, Studiomodo. will have the faculty to terminate this contract under cc ​​dellart.1456 without being required to pay back what the client already paid in advance in respect of the service is not yet used. In the event of termination for cause of art.4-5-6-9, the customer is entitled to a refund of the pages and quantaltro of his property found on our server. Studiomodo. will make available, on suitable supports in relation to the size of the objects, as owned by the customer.

Access to Server

In case the client is authorized to access the server on our directory in him to you, the customer assumes full responsibility for his actions resulting in about cancellation, bad edits and whatever can create malfunctions attributable to himself.? in addition, the customer agrees to personally verify and assume all responsibilities of the case including the economic damage that might arise, as that by himself or downloaded by others on their own private directory is free from any kind of virus.? Studiomodo. reserves the faculty to exercise control on all its servers and eliminate viruses or infected files without giving prior notice to the customer.

Commencement and Expiration

With reference to the economic stability on the front, this contract shall run from the date of subscription term and will have 365 days after the start date, and is tacitly renewable under dellart.4.


For what not specified in this contract, please refer to the applicable provisions of the Civil Code.

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